Bike Week Daytona Beach 2017

motorcycle race 1937 and present dayBike Week Daytona Beach 2017 Official Dates
March 10 – March 19, 2017

The Bike Week Daytona Beach
rally started as the Daytona 200 race back in 1937.  This first race was 3.2 miles, and held on a awesome waters edge beach and pavement course. The race was won by the motorcycle racer Don “skunk” Feaster, with an average speed of 73.34 mph.

This yearly race was held every year, except from 1942 to 1947 due to World War II. The tradition still continued, and an unofficial motorcycle event took place during those years, which was called Bike Week.

In 1947 the official race took place again, and the crowd heightened in popularity. The event was then promoted by the late former race car driver William France Sr. (Big Bill), who was also the co-founder of NASCAR.

Bike Week has now become a motorcycle rally, which is held annually. Approximately 500,000 people head to the Daytona area for the annual event. The festivities and events include racing, concerts, contest, street festivals, and a GOOD TIME.

Don’t miss out on this historical event. Experience first hand all of the hype, fun, and excitement during Bike Week 2017 on the  gorgeous strands of Daytona Beach.

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